Frequently Asked Questions


What is the weather likely to be like ?

It depends on what time of year and where we are in Arizona, the Phoenix area is generally the hottest place, when we are there in June the temperatures are in the 90s, with humidity at 8% it does not feel too hot, in September they are in the 80s,the Canyon and Flagstaff areas are about 10F cooler and from October to May we don’t run the Canyon tour because it’s to cold. The southern tour in September tends to be cooler than Phoenix as well.

What type of bike will we be riding?

The best type of bike for the tour is the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic, because they are so comfortable to ride, they have carrying panniers, a backrest for the pillion and a screen to ease the wind on the rider. It is possible to rent other types of Harleys but we are sure that the Ultra is the best.

What do we need to take to wear ?

It's going to be sunny and warm, bearing this in mind we don’t recommend anymore than your basic needs of a couple of pairs of jeans a few t-shirts, a jumper, a light bike jacket and bike boots, clothes washing facilities are available at most of our hotels, we tend to throw away pants and socks and buy new pairs, they are so cheap at the shopping malls.

What safety gear will we be provided with ?

You will be able to choose from a wide and good selection of DOT spec helmets, but you can bring your own openface helmets if you like but they must be DOT spec, Arizona state doesn’t have a helmet law, but we recommend you wear them all of the time.

Is there anything that we must have?

Good wrap around sunglasses for daytime riding, a good set of goggles or clear glasses for evening riding and some swimwear, most of the Hotels do have pools. The most important of all your camera.

Any Questions

If you've got a question about any aspect of the tours, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.